Mobile Value Added Services

SMS Marketing has emerged as an important key factor in the success of businesses and people are in search of methods to promote their business and to get access to more people. Spreading your message to more people, the more chance you have to get more clients and customers and hence more margins. SMS Campaigns are also affordable marketing plan to get attention of public or targeted audience. SMS Campaigns provide an opportunity to deliver a message even in those areas where cannot access email facility which indicates how business communications are being carried out rapidly and efficiently. SMS service is being used as tool for marketing strategy which aware hundreds and thousands of customers within seconds. SMS Campaigns are a best way to initiate, launch, and announce business discounts, weekend sales or any other Business promotion. Preparing for your upcoming Business Event or to Market your product is a good way to approach large number of audience due to the fact that Mobile Devices are most in use tool and people read Mobile Message within 2-3 minutes after receiving in inbox. Further SMS Campaign is a best way to access more people and to target more targeted or general audience. So if you are seeking an efficient and fruitful Mobile Marketing Tool.

Branded SMS

Branded SMS is a type of SMS recognized by company name which ensures legitimacy and credibility of the message and send your Branded SMS in Pakistan on time.. People tend to attach trust factor with SMS received by Company name.
The age of mobile life, getting connected with your clients online is the prime requirement of any organization. FnZ provides you the opportunity to manage and operate your business online from any corner of the world through our website. Give your business a cutting edge with this new invention of information age.


Short Code

Many companies use sms short codes to run their mobile marketing campaigns because they allow consumers to text back to any messages received. This facilitates customer interaction and two way communication, which builds relationships, customer loyalty and generates many opportunities for targeted mobile marketing.
Generally two types of short-code services are available, dedicated and shared. Dedicated short codes are used for one customer and shared are used among several customers and based on keywords traffics are diverted.

Long Code SMS ( Virtual SIM )

Long code is an 11-digit number which is use for premium services and can work with every operator on a single number.
The Long code virtual SIM hosting, solution offers a high performance and reliable method of receiving up to 10sms per second through 11 digits SIM. The SIM can be use to receive SMS’s without the normal restrictions of SIM card hosting.
Long codes are a cost-effective and convenient way for your customers, or potential customers to contact you at a standard rate or free of charge.

Why Use our SMS services:

1 – Online Web-based application. No software required.
2 – Professional messaging formats and features supported.
3 – You can send SMS Using a Sender ID (upto 11 characters).
4 – Duplicate Number remover to all SMS sent via our SMS site.
5 – Highest level of security and confidentiality of client database.
6 – 24/7 technical support.
7 – Monitoring of Networks as you send to you recipient.
8 – High delivery reliability and delivery reporting.
9 – 98 % service uptime. Load balancing for high loads and redundant servers.
10 – Uninterrupted services.
11 – Easy Client connectivity over HTTP or SMPP protocols
12 – Competitive prices- We provide highest quality SMS services at affordable price

Who use SMS Services:

Following User use this Services: Healthcare, Govenment, Banking And Finance, Travel & Hospitality, NGO / Aid, FMCG, Insurance, Education, Call Centers, eCommerce, Event Promoters, Magazines, Real Estates, Hotel Restaurant / Marriage Hall and more