Social media for business owners can mean more revenue and greater brand awareness. How to get there can feel daunting to some yet exhilarating to others. In either case, it takes a social media marketing company to keep you on track or you’ll miss out. Most people have heard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a slew of other sites in the social sharing world. One of the biggest hurdles you face is deciding which social media marketing campaigns are worth waging.

A Social Media Marketing agency can help create that marketing synergy for you. With the right consultant, you’ll have an online marketing campaign that brings your company’s personality forward in a positive way. Social media can be used successfully to launch a new product or to remind customers that you’re still around. What’s really wonderful about social media marketing is that anyone can benefit from it. To find out how your company can profit like other businesses do, talk to one of our Social Media Marketing experts today about social media services.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is social sharing that includes other marketing means. For example, it might be Facebook integration, which you include in your email campaigns. It could mean Twitter social integration at a live event where people can tweet about what’s happening. Social media integration looks at all the forms of marketing you use (or could use) and how it could include social media as well.

Creative Campaign Ideas

Some business owners have tons of fun ideas for social media, but no time to execute them. Others are great at their business, but when it comes to marketing, particularly to social sharing sites, they draw a blank. That’s where creative campaign ideas can help. Whether you need help planning your Facebook campaigns or a new Twitter hash tag campaign, you’ll find help here.

Product Launch

Do you have something wonderful and innovative but you don’t know how to spread the word? Some of the best virtual campaigns in recent years have been a Facebook product launch or Twitter product launch. If you’ve got something that will get tongues wagging (or fingers hitting ‘share’ buttons) then doing a product launch via social media could be what turns modest sales into mega sales.


Sometimes Facebook marketing isn’t just about having a great post that goes viral. You’ll find that Facebook paid marketing can help you spread the word. It’s a great solution for every kind of business – drop-ship companies, brick and mortar locations or local service providers. A number of retailers and service providers have turned to Facebook for good reason. Many of your future clientele are out there ‘Facebooking’ and, if you’re not, then you’re missing them.


Like Facebook, Twitter paid marketing can help promote your business. The goal of Twitter marketing is to quickly build a community of followers and getting those people interested in your business. The more they are interested; the more likely they are to share you with others. The end result is more exposure that equals more revenue. Best of all, Twitter marketing at Abrish Technology doesn’t involve hours of planning on your part. We handle it all for you.